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Areas of Practice

Mr. Albers primarily practices criminal defense. He accepts court appointments in probate, guardianship, and family law matters, but generally does not take new private clients in those areas. Former clients in those areas still can look to him for support. On rare occasions, he will accept a client referral from another attorney in those areas.

Mr. Albers is not board certified in any area of specialization.

Criminal defense representation is done for a pre-negotiated flat fee, payable in advance. Although fees vary depending on the complexity of the matter, first offense Class B misdemeanors generally will be $1,000, Class A misdemeanors and State Jail Felonies generally $2,000, and more serious felonies appropriately more expensive. These costs are for attorney representation only, and do not cover additional expenses required in a defense. Such additional expenses might include witness depositions, independent investigation of evidence, independent conformation of forensic reports, or other costs required for a defense and agreed upon by Mr. Albers and the client.

To the extent Mr. Albers takes any new family law matter for private clients, work will be charged at the hourly rate, $175/hour. As with criminal law matters, these charges are for attorney representation only, and do not cover additional expenses required. Should Mr. Albers accept a new family law matter, he will not require pre-payment of the entire fee, but will require a pre-negotiated retainer. As attorney work is performed on your matter, it will be documented and you will receive a report no less frequently than monthly. You will know what work has been done, and how much of the retainer has been used to pay for that work. If the balance of your retainer drops below $500, you will need to deposit additional funds to bring the balance back to the original minimum. If, at the conclusion of your matter, not all the money in the retainer fund was required to pay for attorney work, the balance will be returned to you.

“[O]ne of the Fifth Amendment’s “basic functions . . . is to protect innocent men . . . ‘who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances.’ ” Grunewald v. United States, 353 U. S. 391, 421 (1957) (quoting Slochower v. Board of Higher Ed. of New York City, 350 U. S. 551, 557–558 (1956)) (emphasis in original). In Grunewald, we recognized that truthful responses of an innocent witness, as well as those of a wrongdoer, may provide the government with incriminating evidence from the speaker’s own mouth. 353 U. S., at 421–422.” Ohio v. Reiner, 532 U.S. 17, 21 (2001)

Morris E. Albers, II
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